Deep learning has impacted so many fields. Perhaps one of the most important applications of deep learning has come up in the field of healthcare. Technologies made with deep learning models has shown much promise lately in assisting doctors for the better treatment of people.

Radiologists are highly trained professional who diagnose diseases using medical imaging. It takes years of training before one can master it. Poorer countries cannot afford great healthcare and don’t have many highly qualified personnel to cover the entire population. Technology can be game changer here.

In this blog we will try to develop models for…

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Companies are always in the search for ways by which it can reduce its operational costs. Some of the costliest affairs are promotions and marketing. With the advent of internet, targeted advertisements are a thing in the 21st century. In the earlier day’s companies would put out their posters and banners in places where they are most hopeful about getting more business. But in recent times we have become equipped with more powerful techniques and better understanding of the problem. In this case study I have attempted one such problem with the help of Machine Learning.

Table of Contents

  1. Business Problem
  2. Mapping to…

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